What Does Your Band Name Say About You?

The world of popular music has spawned thousands of fascinating band names over the years and many identity choices have a peculiar habit of leaving subconscious imagery on the minds of the fans and the music industry itself. From the birth of Rock and Roll, all the way through to the modern dance music and rave scene, a carefully selected band name can say more about your act than you could probably ever imagine.

‘The’ Bands

There is something almost nostalgic about band names that begin with ‘The’, and even modern chart acts use these particular titles to great effect. Much of that effect is owed to the 1960s when bands traditionally opted for a name that epitomised simplicity, directness and unity. The Beatles, The Small Faces and The Who are all bands that were born during the most formative years of popular music and upon hearing their names, a certain imagery of those times is still formed.

Today, there are still many band names that echo the simplistic overtures of their predecessors. When we hear about The Rifles, The Courteeners and The Verve, for example, we immediately recall bands from earlier years who thrived on their encompassing titles. It’s arguably no coincidence that many modern bands who use ‘The’ in their band name have a definitive sixties influence in their music.

Creative Band Names

Some band names embrace creativity and their members often take a simple word from the English language and reproduce it in a different form. This makes the name stand out somewhat and if the music buying public can relate to it, it usually means that the band will stand out as well.

Misspelling is a popular tactic that gives a band name genuine creativity and it should comes as no surprise that many advocates of this particular trend also produce music that is just as inspiring. Lynyrd Skynyrd, a creative slant on the name of Leonard Skinner (a gym teacher at the school several of the band members attended) where one of the earliest bands to cash in on this particular idea. Limp Bizkit, The Black Crowes and Korn also added an alternative edge to their band names in order to stand out from the crowd.

The One-Word Band Name

Band names that consist of just one word are easier to remember but many artists have combined two separate words to create a single new one. Motorhead, Toploader and Megadeth have all used this particular tactic to great effect and have unconsciously added new words to our vocabulary in the process.

Dance acts are particularly abundant in the world of one-word band names and much of this trend was born from the use of similar titles used by illegal sound systems during the Acid House days of the late 1980s. Today, Orbital (considered to be a reference to the location of illegal raves around the London orbital motorway in the UK during the days of Acid House) and Faithless are amongst the biggest one-word dance acts in the world.

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