Staking a Claim on your Band Name

If you have already decided to invest valuable time and money into the self-promotion of your musical artistry, the consequences for failing to protect your band name can often result in a frustrating rebranding exercise. Having to change your band name renders your previous musical and merchandising output as useless, and the expense of having to start again from scratch may even put you out of the music industry for good.

Let’s look at a potential scenario for your particular band.

You’ve risen from humble origins over the past five years to amass a loyal fan base that regularly purchases your recorded material and merchandise online, or at venues where your band is playing gigs. Your band name is part of your identity, and it’s grown to represent the way your fans perceive you. Over time, the name has grown into a valuable marketing tool.

Two years ago, another band emerged from the darkness of a damp basement with their own ideas. Your own band was still developing and weren’t particularly well-known within the industry. The members of the other group accidentally stumbled across the same band name as your own, and have used that name to forge their own identity. With the prospect of success on the horizon, they have decided to trademark the name. They now have exclusive rights to the use of that name, and have just discovered that you are using it.

What happens next? Most likely, you’ll initially be advised to drop the band name yourself. If you continue using it, your rivals will issue a Cease and Desist letter that serves as a final warning to discontinue your actions. Carry on regardless, and your band will inevitably face lengthy and expensive legal action that you have very little chance of winning.

What are your options? Obviously, the best course of action is to trademark the band name before any rival bands assume it for themselves. Unfortunately, registering a band name is an expensive affair that also includes cash-absorbing searches and lawyer fees. A conservative estimate for placing a trademark on your band name in the modern age would probably amount to more than $2,000, and that’s an awful lot of money for an act that still hasn’t managed to break into the exclusive world of big money recording deals and world tours!

Thankfully, there is a cost-effective way to preserve your rights to the use of a band name and, at the same time, protect your intellectual property and sales material. At Bandnamr, we provide a simple and affordable database registration program that protects your band name without the associated expense of having to purchase a trademark. Your identity will be logged in the Bandnamr annals and substantiates claims to your band name with recorded historical references relating to its use.

However, your pathway to future success doesn’t stop there. At Bandnamr, we are working on a Premium Package which will contain a groundbreaking collection of promotional tools that are targeted towards increasing the presence of your band and helping you to reach out to a wider audience. To promote your music and gigs, and to register you band name onto our database, register with Bandnamr today.

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