Protecting your Musical Future

Amongst all of the other arguments, the biggest spat your band is ever likely to encounter will ultimately surround your band name. Petty bickering amongst yourselves over a truly inspirational identity may be inevitable and, on occasion, incredibly humorous. However, things can take a more serious slant if another bunch of musicians suddenly turns up using your band name as well.

Naturally, such a scenario can have some incredibly serious repercussions. If you have already compiled CD’s, merchandise and created a marketable identity under a particular band name, the expense associated with rebranding could be enough to put you out of business for good. What’s more, your band could face the prospect of legal action if your rivals have already taken the required steps and trademarked the band name themselves.

Under these circumstances, a rival band will have to prove, legally or otherwise, that they were using the same band name before you. The legal aspect of another group completing the trademark registration of a name will often be enough to see them victorious if further action ensues. However, your own band could just as easily lose the right to using a particular band name if your rivals can endorse any claims to achieving fame, recognition or notoriety under the same title.

Some musicians may argue that the expense of registering a trademark and the associated searches that surround such a practice are rarely cost-effective if they haven’t reached certain career milestones. Although these expenses may be minimal compared to the loss of your sales material, merchandising rights and long-term future within the music industry, not every band can afford to the cost of trademark registration and the related searches that surround it.

The importance of protecting your identity is paramount. If there is a genuine belief that your futures lie within the realms of the music industry, registering your band name to a reputable database is essential if a trademark registration is unaffordable. One only has to imagine the disastrous scenario of building a strong fan base and a steady stream of unit sales, only to receive a Cease and Desist letter that could ultimately lead to legal action if you continue to use the same band name as your rivals.

At Bandnamr, We firmly believe that the protection of your intellectual property should be a key component to any long-term plans you have of maintaining a position within one of the most inspiring and creative industries on the planet. By establishing a record of prior use to a band name, any claims of ownership from other artists can usually be dismissed with ease. If you have already cultivated a presence within the music industry, a Bandnamr registration will also preserve your right to sell existing material that carries your band name.

Bandnamr continues to grow as a primary source of protecting musical identities, and signing up for our services automatically places your band on our database for an entire year. Upon sign-up, you’ll instantly receive a Certificate of Registration and a custom listing that is fully integrated with Facebook to build your social networking profile. What’s more, we also provide the most innovative tools in the marketplace to help you promote your material and gigs to a global audience of millions.
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