What Does Your Band Name Say About You?

The world of popular music has spawned thousands of fascinating band names over the years and many identity choices have a peculiar habit of leaving subconscious imagery on the minds of the fans and the music industry itself. From the birth of Rock and Roll, all the way through to the modern dance music and [...]

Band Name Etymology

Although the true test of any musical artist is the material that they record, some fans can be swept away by a highly creative band name that sticks in the mind even before a single or album has been heard. Who are your favourite bands, and how did they come up with their original band [...]

Band Name Registrations and Trademark Laws

If you are lucky enough to be a recording or performing music artist, have you ever stopped to consider exactly what your band name means to you? Your band name is a vitally important asset and represents many different things. There’s the goodwill that your name generates amongst your fan base, the commercial recognition you’ve [...]

12 Novel Ways to Discover a Band Name

The words are written, the tune is composed and you’re ready to get out there and start gigging. There’s some great ideas being exchanged regarding your concert posters and everybody is raring to go. The only thing that’s holding you back is one of the most important aspects of all – You still haven’t decided [...]

Staking a Claim on your Band Name

If you have already decided to invest valuable time and money into the self-promotion of your musical artistry, the consequences for failing to protect your band name can often result in a frustrating rebranding exercise. Having to change your band name renders your previous musical and merchandising output as useless, and the expense of having [...]

Is Your Band Name Really Your Own?

After several spaced-out nights on a grubby sofa eating nothing but takeaway chicken and a diet of really bad ideas, your bass player suddenly has a flash of inspiration and comes up with a band name that everybody is happy to embrace. Life can finally start again, your drummer can actually brush his teeth for [...]

Band Name Origins

Over the years, the music industry has had to endure a diverse range of bizarrely-named acts, and the archives of Rock and Roll are practically bursting at the seams with band names that were clearly considered at another level when group identities were chosen. As weird as some band names may initially seem, there is [...]

Protecting your Musical Future

Amongst all of the other arguments, the biggest spat your band is ever likely to encounter will ultimately surround your band name. Petty bickering amongst yourselves over a truly inspirational identity may be inevitable and, on occasion, incredibly humorous. However, things can take a more serious slant if another bunch of musicians suddenly turns up [...]

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