Band Name Registrations and Trademark Laws

If you are lucky enough to be a recording or performing music artist, have you ever stopped to consider exactly what your band name means to you? Your band name is a vitally important asset and represents many different things. There’s the goodwill that your name generates amongst your fan base, the commercial recognition you’ve attained through gigging and the intellectual property rights that surround your music and lyrics.

If you are completely serious about building an ongoing career in the music industry, it’s vitally important that you protect your band name. One of the most common ways to obtain complete protection is to register your name as a trademark. By registering a trademark, you will be able to retain the legal right to use your band name without the risk of other artists or parties laying claim to it.

Unfortunately, a band name trademark registration is notoriously expensive and there are many costs to consider. The searches alone can amount to several hundred dollars, but legal fees and the registration itself can see this figure multiply tenfold. If you’re only gigging occasionally or churning out material on an irregular basis, it’s highly unlikely that there’s going to be enough money in the kitty to preserve exclusive rights to your band name.

Consider the consequences if another band decides to infringe on your band name and obtains a trademark on it. The reputation you’ve built under your assumed identity will count for nothing. If you are presented with a Cease and Desist letter, your band will have little choice but to forego the name completely. Carry on using it, and the chances are that you’ll be facing legal action and ridiculously high costs with very little hope of actually winning the case.

Once you lose your band name, your recorded material will be worthless unless you repackage it under a new identity. That’s going to be expensive in itself and if your fans don’t pick up on the change of name fairly quickly, it’s going to be a futile exercise anyway. What’s more, you’re going to have to pay to revamp your website, print new gig posters, adjust your social networking fan pages and much more besides. Throughout the process, you’re going to be losing valuable time and money and even if you do survive the onslaught, it’s going to take an age to re-establish your credentials under a new band name.

At Bandnamr, we’ve been protecting the intellectual property and band name rights of our clients since 2008. A trademark registration may be out of reach for most artists, but your band name can be registered on our exclusive database free of charge. If a rival band lays claim to your name at a future stage of your career, Bandnamr will be able to provide a record of prior use and this can be used as evidence if a legal battle ensues.

Take out a Bandnamr premium membership, and you’ll also have access to our exclusive range of promotional tools to help build your future within the music industry. Bandnamr also provides a certificate of registration, a web seal for own internet pages and an online listing that’s displayed on the website. Protect your band name today by taking advantage of our free and premium registration services.

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